Passed Trauma

Passed Trauma

Don’t ask me why I feel this way
I do not know myself
It’s a feeling of depression
A sinking feeling
Maybe closer to suicidal tendencies
Brain anomalies and head aches
In the wake of some trauma I cannot remember

A memory passed through generations
In my previous life I was an alien
In the life before that I was a centurion
I’ve killed thousands of innocents across the space time continuum
I’ve been the rapist and the rape victim
Pleading for assistance nobody listened
I probably deserved it
They said I was asking for it
Now I sit in this lonely room

Lethargic from sleeping too much
Exhausted from not sleeping enough
Narcoleptic insomniac
Was I ever really alive to begin with?
Would anyone even miss me?

I’m convinced now my departure would go unnoticed
Perhaps a few would cry
But all would get over it
I’m as insignificant to this existence
As anything can be

To any who may be paying attention
Either in this life or the next one

Thank you.

BH the Uncivilised | Copyright © 2015


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