The class division themes of Wreck-It Ralph

The Film Game Guy


Wreck-It-Ralph is a film about division:

  • The Have and Have Nots.
  • Good and Evil
  • Heroes (and glitches) and villains.
  • The bourgeois and the proletariat.

The Nicelanders live off Wreck-It Ralph’s misery as the villain and Fix-it Felix’s fame as the hero in a rigged game. I nickname it the Programmer’s Joke. Shintoist feelings that everything has a spirit definitely are present in this Toy Story for video games story.

Groupthink and just wanting to fit in is a key theme in this film and maybe even most Pixar films, influenced by the American Dream. Wreck-It Ralph is this film’s Buzz Lightyear, becoming his own Neo/Morpheus and decide to take the hero pill instead of the villain pill: he starts his own journey into finding his own path, like that of a Joseph Campbell hero, instead of what his programmer, God, etc told him to do.

On the other side, there is the Agent Smith of the game…

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