Thoughts on Things

I get too much fan mail, I can’t reply to them all

I find it interesting when celebrities and the like say things along the lines of “I can’t respond to all my fan-mail”. I wonder if this is more a question of a lack of desire to respond than an actual inability. During his active years, and up until his death in 1965, Stanley Laurel made every effort to answer all his received fan-mail, he even had his address and phone number listed publicly so that his fans could call or visit him.

Now of course this was a different time, before Facebook, Twitter, and even email that made the act of sending a correspondence to someone much easier, and when something becomes easier, more people do it. That being said, if it is easier to send, then doesn’t that make it also easier to reply? And with options such as ‘Favourite’, ‘Retweet’, ‘Like’, and ‘Share’ can it really be considered too much work to make some kind of an acknowledgement?

Well, what do I know, I’m just a 10,000 year old time travelling unicorn trapped in human form.